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"Unlocking the Power of Rose Water: A Natural Beauty Essential"

Updated: Apr 10

There is some warmth in the early morning air now, an exciting sign that spring is here and summer is approaching—my favorite time of the year. With it comes the beauty of gardening, planting flowers, and basking in the sunshine!


One of my favorite things about summer is gathering rose petals to make rose water and distilled rose hydrosol. In this blog, I will discuss some of the top benefits of roses in aromatherapy and teach you how to make your own. If you don’t have the time or the roses, rose water and rose hydrosol can be purchased from my store.


Studies suggest that rose has antihypertensive, anti-diabetic, anti-anxiety, hypnotic, anti-inflammatory, and nerve-calming properties. The rose is perhaps the most respected and widely recognized of all the floral aromas. The flower is associated with love and beauty. As you read further, you will understand why it has been revered for its physical and emotional healing properties since ancient times. The rose is the most popular flower sent as a representation of love, for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to surprise a significant other. It can also convey condolences when one is grieving. Rose is a premier herb for profound grief and can be useful in tinctures, teas, or aromatherapy.


"Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses."


This is a common saying that I’m sure most of us have heard. It is usually presented to us during times of sadness, when we feel overwhelmed, or there is a sense of negativity in the air, in hopes that a moment of sweet relief will bring us through that difficult time. Not just a healthy reminder to bring some beauty into our here and now, the experience of roses can give us more than their beauty and grace—a lovely scent that is able to lift the veil of grief and sadness by gladdening our hearts when they are buried in a sea of unpleasant emotions.


Rose water for clear skin


Create a rich solution of collagen-boosting Vitamin A, soothing Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 to lighten sun spots and hydrate the skin. Use an empty 100 ml essential oil bottle, fill it with rose water, add 2 drops of rose otto essential oil, attach a mister, and mist your face after cleansing, or pour a small amount onto a cotton ball to swipe over your face.


Rose water for healthy hair


Use it as a rinse after shampooing. Not only will this help hair growth, but its antiseptic qualities also soothe an irritated scalp, which may help with dryness and dandruff. Plus, the delicate scent will make your hair smell lovely. Use ½ cup to 1 quart of water and pour it over your hair as a rinse.


Rose water for a relaxing aromatic bath


Used by aromatherapists as an antidepressant and sedative, you can be sure that a rose water-infused bath will create an aromatic, calming atmosphere, and you will smell simply delicious! Add a cup to your bath to lift your spirits and calm your nervous tension, instability, or depression.


Rose water to improve sleep


Starting a bedtime routine that includes rose water works wonders. Nudging the body and hormones in the direction of sleep is important for proper restoration. Yes, beauty sleep is a real thing! Breathing rose water enhances the lulling effects. Add rose water to a mister, mist the bottom of your feet, wrists, face, and neck to fall asleep naturally. The natural red color of rose water may stain, so avoid misting clothes or bedding.

Make your own rose water

(I would not use rose petals sourced from gardens or stores where pesticides have been used)


·      fresh or dried organic rose petals to fill pot

·      distilled water (tap water contains chlorine)

·      everclear or vodka (for a natural preservative)


1.   Pick your rose petals after the morning dew has dried from them. Rinse petals with cold water in a colander and drain.  Add enough petas to fill an aluminum or glass pot, fill with distilled water, cover with lid, bring to a boil, allow to boil on low heat for about 2 minutes. Remove from heat, leave covered with lid, and completely cool.


2.   Use cheese cloth or strong paper towel to pour rose water into a sterilized jar (I use alcohol to sterilize my jar), using cheese cloth or paper towel squeeze petals to remove all the water.


3.   Add 1 tablespoon everclear or vodka per pint, and store in refrigerator up to 4 weeks.


Now go out and pick some roses and enjoy the sunshine!

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