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Looking for an all-natural skin care product?

I often read about botanical formulators who decided to create skincare products because of their personal skin problems. They couldn’t find products that worked for them, or they didn’t want all the chemicals in the pricey store bought creams, so they formulated their own.


That’s my story.


From the very first facial care product I formulated, I had no intention of selling my products. I made them for myself and loved them! One morning while vacationing with friends, I applied my all-natural aloe vera face cream, and my friends asked what I was using. I told them it was something I had formulated because I was looking for an all-natural product for my skin. I had knowledge of herbs, carrier oils, and essential oils from the studies I took over the years, and I understood skin both in theory and from hours of practice in my kitchen. So, I was happily working with and using this all-natural face cream I had formulated. They asked to try it, and to this day, they are my best customers.


I then began incorporating more and more skincare products to fit individual needs, for my granddaughters and their teenage skin problems, for those with oily or dry skin, for young and mature skin. All my friends and family were right there to help me test them, give me invaluable feedback, and encourage me along the way.


I never had to pay for an ad to promote my products. My customers told their friends and families, and soon word got around my small town. I learned a long time ago about the power of word-of-mouth advertising. When you nurture something in your life and give freely, it definitely nurtures you back. I care about my customers’ needs, and that’s what it’s all about!


If you want a skin care product that is made with ingredients that you can actually read - and you know what they are - then my skin care products may be just what you are looking for!


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