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Introducing our Magnesium Pain Relief Cream. The wonderful thing about magnesium cream is that when using magnesium on the skin, we can achieve magnesium balance very quickly. This means fast relief from the symptoms of magnesium deficiency.  Discover relief and discomfort with this soothing cream that combines the power of magnesium with targeted ingredients, that may offer effective relief for muscle and joint pain. Elevate your comfort and embrace a natural solution for aches and pains. It goes on smoothly like a lotion without feeling greasy. Apply to hands, feet, or legs before bedtime. 


Available in unscented or scented with pure lavender essential oil (lavender has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properites). Available in 4 ounce pet plastic jar.

Magnesium Pain Relief Cream

  • Magnesium is good for overall skin health; however, it can sometimes dry out the skin as it is a natural salt-based solution. Our incredibly soothing moisture replenishing cream provides a unique blend of 15% magnesium chloride with natural butters and oils like shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E, it is a great way to absorb magnesium through the skin without drying.

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